eddelbuettel.github.io/r-travis: Continuing With the Original Travis CI Script for R



This repository is a fork of the (deprecated) r-travis repository by Craig Citro et al. I was an early contributor to this project, and quite like its design and features -- so I am keeping it around.

Why Not the New Travis R Setup? Why not GitHub Actions?

Given all our work around Rocker (the container for R blessed by Docker itself) where I am one-half of the project too, you'd expect me to be fully in support of a container-based Travis. And you'd be right---I am. Containers rock. And now we can use containers with Travis.

I also like the fact that I am essentially in control of my own script here, as you could simply by forking this repo and sourcing from it.


By now, all of my repositories have switched (and some moved on to using just Travis with Docker), as have repositories of other users. You can search for these within the GitHub CRAN repo by searching for eddelbuettel/r-travis. One of the key advantages is that you can use a) the Rutter PPAs with over 4000 compiled r-cran-* packages, and if you wish, can add your own packages via PPAs or else pull in from other matching PPAs.


We have switched to supporting R 4.0.0 as well as the previous R 3.5.* API used up to R 3.6.3. As of mid-May r-3.5 is still the default. You can use a matrix of both versions too:
	    - name: r-3.5
	      env: R_VERSION="3.5"
	    - name: r-4.0
	      env: R_VERSION="4.0"


This project started in August 2016 as a continuation of the initial `r-travis` project, and has been actively used and maintained since. In May 2020 is was updated to R 4.0.0

Dirk Eddelbuettel