CI for R at Travis, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, ...



This repository is a fork of the (now deprecated) initial r-travis repository by Craig Citro et al. I was an early contributor to this project, and quite like its design and features -- so I am keeping it around.

Its main advantages as are strong portability as well as ease of use and customizability.


Actively maintained and used across Travis as well with Github Actions, Azure Pipelines, locally using Docker, ...

Note, however, that due to the changes at Travis the focus (at least in name) on just one possible backend seems misguided so all future use should be via the successor repo r-ci.


The repository has a simple and completely generic example one can simply copy into .travis.yml and turn on support at Travis.

As by now most of my repositories use this (though some also use Travis with custom Docker containers), examples exists among my repostiries as well as among repositories of other users. TODO: Add a short list.

Useful (and somewhat recent) extensions include automated installation using BSPM (see this blog post for more). This takes advantage of the Rutter PPAs with well over 4000 compiled r-cran-* packages, and if you wish, can add your own packages via PPAs or else pull in from other matching PPAs.


This project started in August 2016 as a continuation of the initial `r-travis` project, and has been actively used and maintained since. In May 2020 is was updated to R 4.0.0. As of fall 2020, it now also support binaries via BSPM, and has been used with Travis, GitHub Actions, and Azure Pipelines. To signal it wider usability it has been renamed to r-ci. See its repository for more.

Dirk Eddelbuettel