Version 0.3.18 (2023-03-25)

  • Changes in examples scripts

    • roxy.r can now set an additional --libpath

    • getRStudioDesktop.r and getRStudioServer.r have updated default download file

    • install2.r and installGithub.r can set --type

    • r2u.r now has a --suffix option

    • tt.r removes a redundant library call

    • tttl.r has been added for testthat::test_local()

    • installRub.r has been added to install r-universe binaries on Ubuntu

    • install2.r has updated error capture messages (Tatsuya Shima and Dirk in #104)

Version 0.3.17 (2022-10-29)

  • Changes in package

    • An internal function prototype was updated for clang-15.

  • Changes in examples

    • Scripts install2.r and installBioc.r were updated for an update in R-devel (Tatsuya Shima and Dirk in #104).

Version 0.3.16 (2022-08-28)

  • Changes in package

    • The configure code checks for two more headers

    • The RNG seeding matches the current version in R (Dirk)

  • Changes in examples

    • A cowu.r 'check Window UCRT' helper was added (Dirk)

    • A getPandoc.r downloader has been added (Dirk)

    • The -r option tp install2.r has been generalzed (Tatsuya Shima in #95)

    • The rcc.r code / package checker now has valgrind option (Dirk)

    • install2.r now installs to first element in .libPaths() by default (Dirk)

    • A very simple r2u.r help has been added (Dirk)

    • The installBioc.r has been generalized and extended similar to install2.r (Pieter Moris in #103)

Version 0.3.15 (2021-12-03)

  • Changes in examples

    • The install2 script can select download methods, and cope with errors from parallel download (thanks to Gergely Daroczi)

    • The build.r now uses both as argument to --compact-vignettes

    • The RStudio download helper were once again updated for changed URLs

    • New caller for simplermarkdown::mdweave_to_html

  • Changes in package

    • Several typos were correct (thanks to John Kerl)

    • Travis artifacts and badges have been pruned

    • Vignettes now use simplermarkdown

Version 0.3.14 (2021-10-05)

  • Changes in examples

    • Updated RStudio download helper to changed file names

    • Added a new option to roxy.r wrapper

    • Added a downloader for Quarto command-line tool

  • Changes in package

    • The configure files were updated to the standard of version 2.69 following a CRAN request

Version 0.3.13 (2021-07-24)

  • Changes in examples

    • New script compiledDeps.r to show which dependencies are compiled

    • New script silenceTwitterAccount.r wrapping rtweet

    • The -c or --code option for installRSPM.r was corrected

    • The kitten.r script now passes options ‘bunny’ and ‘puppy’ on to the pkgKitten::kitten() call; new options to call the Arma and Eigen variants were added

    • The getRStudioDesktop.r and getRStudioServer.r scripts were updated for a change in rvest

    • Two typos in the tt.r help message were correct (Aaron Wolen in #86)

    • The message in cranIncoming.r was corrected.

  • Changes in package

    • Added Continuous Integration runner via from r-ci.

    • Two vignettes got two extra vignette attributes.

    • The mkdocs-material documentation input was moved.

    • The basic unit tests were slightly refactored and updated.

Version 0.3.12 (2020-10-04)

  • Changes in examples

    • Updates to scripts tt.r, cos.r, cow.r, c4r.r, com.r

    • New script installDeps.r to install dependencies

    • Several updates tp script check.r

    • New script installBSPM.r and installRSPM.r for binary package installation (Dirk and Iñaki in #81)

    • New script cranIncoming.r to check in Incoming

    • New script urlUpdate.r validate URLs as R does

  • Changes in package

    • Travis CI now uses BSPM

    • A package documentation website was added

    • Vignettes now use minidown resulting in much reduced filesizes: from over 800kb to under 50kb (Dirk in #83)

Version 0.3.11 (2020-06-26)

  • Changes in examples

    • Scripts check.r and rcc.r updated to reflect updated docopt 0.7.0 behaviour of quoted arguments

    • The roxy.r script has a new ease-of-use option -f | --full regrouping two other options.

Version 0.3.10 (2020-06-02)

  • Changes in examples

    • The update.r script only considers writeable directories.

    • The rcc.r script tries to report full logs by setting _R_CHECK_TESTS_NLINES_=0.

    • The tt.r script has an improved ncpu fallback.

    • Several installation and updating scripts set _R_SHLIB_STRIP_ to TRUE.

    • A new script installBioc.r was added.

    • The --error option to install2.r was generalized (Sergio Oller in #78).

    • The roxy.r script was extended a little.

  • Changes in package

    • Travis CI now uses R 4.0.0 and the bionic distro

Version 0.3.9 (2019-10-27)

  • Changes in examples

    • The use of call. in stop() was corrected (Stefan Widgren in #72).

    • New script cos.r to check (at rhub) on Solaris.

    • New script compactpdf.r to compact pdf files.

    • The build.r script now compacts vignettes and resaves data.

    • The tt.r script now supports parallel tests and side effects.

    • The rcc.r script can now report error codes.

    • The '–libloc' option to update.r was updated.

    • The render.r script can optionally compact pdfs.

    • New script sweave.r to render (and compact) pdfs.

    • New script pkg2bibtex.r to show bibtex entries.

    • The kitten.r script has a new option --puppy to add tinytest support in purring packages.

Version 0.3.8 (2019-06-09)

  • Changes in examples

    • The install.r and install2.r scripts now use parallel installation using options{Ncpu} on remote packages.

    • The install.r script has an expanded help text mentioning the environment variables it considers.

    • A new script tt.r was added to support tinytest.

    • The rhub checking scripts now all suppress builds of manual and vignettes as asking for working latex appears to be too much.

  • Changes in package

    • On startup checks if r is in PATH and if not references new FAQ entry; text from Makevars mentions it too.

  • Changes in documentation

    • The FAQ vignette now details setting r to PATH.

Version 0.3.7 (2019-03-15)

  • Changes in examples

    • The scripts installGithub.r and install2.r get a new option -r | --repos (Gergely Daroczi in #67)

  • Changes in build system

    • The AC_DEFINE macro use rewritten to please R CMD check.

Version 0.3.6 (2019-01-26)

  • Changes in examples

    • The scripts install.r and install2.r now support argument ".", and add it if called in a source directory.

    • The script install2.r can set Ncpus for install.packages() (Colin Gillespie in #63 fixing #62)

    • The script update.r can also set Ncpus for install.packages().

    • A new vignette "litter-faq" was added.

Version 0.3.5 (2018-10-04)

  • Changes in examples

    • The script roxy.r now uses a cached copy of roxygen2 version 6.0.1 (if available) as the current version 6.1.0 changed behaviour.

    • The script rcc.r was updated as the underlying rcmdcheck changed parameter order.

    • A new simpler wrapper rchk.r was added to use RHub with the rchk image.

  • Changes in package

    • Travis CI now uses the R 3.5 PPA

Version 0.3.4 (2018-08-24)

  • Changes in examples

    • The shebang line is now #!/usr/bin/env r to work with either /usr/local/bin/r or /usr/bin/r.

    • New example script to only install packages not yet installed (Brandon Bertelsen in #59); later added into install2.r.

    • Functions getRStudioDesktop.r and getRStudioServer.r updated their internal URLs.

    • Several minor enhancements were made to example scripts.

Version 0.3.3 (2017-12-17)

  • Changes in examples

    • The script installGithub.r now correctly uses the upgrade argument (Carl Boettiger in #49).

    • New script pnrrs.r to call the package-native registration helper function added in R 3.4.0

    • The script install2.r now has more robust error handling (Carl Boettiger in #50).

    • New script cow.r to use R Hub's check_on_windows

    • Scripts cow.r and c4c.r use #!/usr/bin/env r

    • New option --fast (or -f) for scripts build.r and rcc.r for faster package build and check

    • The build.r script now defaults to using the current directory if no argument is provided.

    • The RStudio getters now use the rvest package to parse the webpage with available versions.

  • Changes in package

    • Travis CI now uses https to fetch script, and sets the group

Version 0.3.2 (2017-02-14)

  • Changes in examples

    • New scripts getRStudioServer.r and getRStudioDesktop.r to download daily packages, currently defaults to Ubuntu amd64

    • New script c4c.r calling rhub::check_for_cran()

    • New script rd2md.r to convert Rd to markdown.

    • New script build.r to create a source tarball.

    • The installGitHub.r script now use package remotes (PR #44, #46)

Version 0.3.1 (2016-08-06)

  • Changes in examples

    • install2.r now passes on extra options past -- to R CMD INSTALL (PR #37 by Steven Pav)

    • Added rcc.r to run rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck()

    • Added (still simple) render.r to render (R)markdown

    • Several examples now support the -x or --usage flag to show extended help.

  • Changes in build system

    • The AM_LDFLAGS variable is now set and used too (PR #38 by Mattias Ellert)

    • Three more directories, used when an explicit installation directory is set, are excluded (also #38 by Mattias)

    • Travis CI is now driven via from our fork, and deploys all packages as .deb binaries using our PPA where needed

  • Changes in package

    • SystemRequirements now mentions the need for libR, i.e. an R built with a shared library so that we can embed R.

    • The docopt and rcmdcheck packages are now suggested, and added to the Travis installation.

    • A new helper function r() is now provided and exported so that the package can be imported (closes #40).

    • URL and BugReports links were added to DESCRIPTION.

  • Changes in documentation

    • The help output for installGithub.r was corrected (PR #39 by Brandon Bertelsen)

Version 0.3.0 (2015-10-29)

  • Changes in build system

    • First CRAN Release as R package following nine years of source releases

    • Script configure, src/ and remainder of build system rewritten to take advantage of the R package build infrastructure

    • Reproducible builds are better supported as the (changing) compilation timestamps etc are only inserted for 'verbose builds' directly off the git repo, but not for Debian (or CRAN) builds off the release tarballs

  • Changes in littler functionality

    • Also source $R_HOME/etc/ and ~/.Rprofile if present

  • Changes in littler documentation

    • Added new vignette with examples