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Create a very simple package help page


The playWithPerPackageHelpPage function creates an basic package help page.


playWithPerPackageHelpPage(name = "anRpackage", path = ".",
  maintainer = "Your Name", email = "")


Argument Description
name The name of the package to be created, defaults to “anRpackage”
path The path to the location where the package is to be created, defaults to the current directory.
maintainer The name of the maintainer, defaults to “Your Name” or author if the latter is given.
email The maintainer email address.


The playWithPerPackageHelpPage function can be used to create a simple help page for a package.

It has been split off from the kitten function so that it can be called from other packages. As such, it is also exported from pkgKitten.


Nothing is returned as the function is invoked for its side effect of creating a new package.


Dirk Eddelbuettel