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Create a JSON config file


Create a JSON config file


pbSetup(apikey, conffile, defdev)


Argument Description
apikey An Access Token provided by Pushbullet (see details). If not provided in the function call, the user will be prompted to enter one.
conffile A string giving the path where the configuration file will be written. RPushbullet will automatically attempt load from the default location ~/.rpushbullet.json (which can be changed via a rpushbullet.dotfile) entry in options).
defdev An optional value for the default device; if missing (or NA) then an interactive prompt is used.


This function writes a simple default configuration file based on a given apikey. It is intended to be run once to help new users setup RPushbullet. Running multiple times without overriding the config_file parameter will overwrite the default file. An Access Token may be obtained for free by logging into the Pushbullet website, going to, and clicking on "Create Access Token".


NULL is returned invisibly, but the function is called for its side effect of creating the configuration file.


Seth Wenchel and Dirk Eddelbuettel


## Not run: 
# Interactive mode.  Just follow the prompts.

## End(Not run)