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Nano year

Get a component of a date time


Get a component of a date time. nano_wday returns the numeric position in a week, with Sunday == 0. nano_mday returns the numeric day (i.e. a value from 1 to 31). nano_month returns the month (i.e. a value from 1 to 12). nano_year returns the year.


nano_wday(x, tz)

nano_mday(x, tz)

nano_month(x, tz)

nano_year(x, tz)


Argument Description
x a nanotime object
tz character a string representing a timezone


Note that the tz parameter is mandatory because the day boundary is different depending on the time zone and nanotime does not store the timezone as it is just an offset in nanoseconds from the epoch.


## Not run: 
nano_wday(as.nanotime("2020-03-14 23:32:00-04:00"), "America/New_York")
nano_wday(as.nanotime("2020-03-14 23:32:00 America/New_York"), "Europe/Paris")
nano_mday(as.nanotime("2020-03-14 23:32:00-04:00"), "America/New_York")
nano_mday(as.nanotime("2020-03-14 23:32:00 America/New_York"), "Europe/Paris")
nano_month(as.nanotime("2020-12-31 23:32:00-04:00"), "America/New_York")
nano_month(as.nanotime("2020-12-31 23:32:00 America/New_York"), "Europe/Paris")
nano_year(as.nanotime("2020-12-31 23:32:00-04:00"), "America/New_York")
nano_year(as.nanotime("2020-12-31 23:32:00 America/New_York"), "Europe/Paris")

## End(Not run)