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Add a (drat) repository to the current session


R can use multiple archives: CRAN, BioConductor and Omegahat have been supported for years. It is equally easy to add local archives from the same machine, or local network, or university / company network as well as other publically available repositories. This function aids in the process, and defaults to adding a ‘drat’ archive at GitHub under the given account.


addRepo(account, alturl)



account Character vector with one or more GitHub account for which a ‘drat’ archive is to be added.
alturl Alternative repo specification with a complete url string. If ‘alturl’ is provided, a single ‘account’ must be provided as well. For file-based access, the URL format has to follow the file:/some/path/ format starting with ‘file’ followed by a single colon.
... For the aliases variant, a catch-all collection of parameters.


This function retrieves the current set of repositories (see getOption("repos") for the current values) and adds (or overwrites) the entry for the given ‘account’. For non-GitHub repositories an alternative URL can be specified as ‘alturl’ (and assigned to ‘account’ as well).

An aliased function add is also available, but not exported via NAMESPACE to not clobber a possibly unrelated function; use it via drat:::add().


The altered set of repositories


Dirk Eddelbuettel


## Not run: 
  addRepo("drat")                            # adds GitHub repo via default URL
  addRepo(c("eddelbuettel", "ghrr"))         # ditto but adds two repos at once

  addRepo("LocalRepo", "file:/nas/R/repo")   # adds local file-based repo,
                                             # assumes you can read /nas/R/repo

## End(Not run)