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Insert a package source or binary file into a drat repository


R can use multiple archives: CRAN, BioConductor and Omegahat have been supported for years. It is equally easy to add local archives from the same machine, or local network, or university / company network as well as other publically available repositories. This function aids in the process, and defaults to inserting a given source archive into a given repository.


  repodir = getOption("dratRepo", "~/git/drat"),
  commit = FALSE,
  pullfirst = FALSE,
  action = c("none", "archive", "prune"),
  location = getOption("dratBranch", "gh-pages"),

insertPackages(file, ...)



Argument Description
file One or more R package(s) in source or binary format
repodir A local directory corresponding to the repository top-level directory.
commit Either boolean toggle to select automatic git operations ‘add’, ‘commit’, and ‘push’ or, alternatively, a character variable can be used to specify a commit message; this also implies the ‘TRUE’ values in other contexts.
pullfirst Boolean toggle to call git pull before inserting the package.
action A character string containing one of: “none” (the default; add the new package into the repo, effectively masking previous versions), “archive” (place any previous versions into a package-specific archive folder, creating such an archive if it does not already exist), or “prune” (calling pruneRepo).
location A character variable with the GitHub Pages location: either “gh-pages” indicating a branch of that name, or “docs/” directory in the main branch. The default value can be overridden via the “dratBranch” option.
... For insert the aliases variant, a catch-all collection of parameters. For insertPackage arguments passed to write_PACKAGES currently include latestOnly, for which the default value is set here to FALSE. See write_PACKAGES.


This function inserts the given (source or binary) package file into the given (local) package repository and updates the index. By setting the commit option to TRUE, one can then push to a remote git code repository. If the git2r package is installed, it is used for the interaction with the git repository; otherwise the git shell command is used.

An aliased function insert is also available, but not exported via NAMESPACE to not clobber a possibly unrelated function; use it via drat:::insert().

The function also checks for a top-level index.html file to ensure external tests against the repository (as for example done by CRAN if you list the repository as an ‘Additional_repositories’ in a package) do not return a ‘404’ error. If missing, a simple one-line example is shown.


NULL is returned.


Set using options

  • dratRepo
    Path to git repo. Defaults to ~/git/drat

  • dratBranch
    The git branch to store packages on. Defaults to gh-pages


Dirk Eddelbuettel


## Not run: 
  insertPackage("foo_0.2.3.tar.gz")   # inserts into (default) repo
  insertPackage("foo_0.2.3.tar.gz", "/nas/R/")  # ... into local dir

## End(Not run)
## Not run: 
  insertPackage("foo_0.2.3.tar.gz", action = "prune")   # prunes any older copies
  insertPackage("foo_0.2.3.tar.gz", action = "archive")   # archives any older copies

## End(Not run)