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Intialize a git repo for drat


This helper function creates a new repository, creates and checks out the default GitHub Pages location (either the ‘gh-pages’ branch or directory ‘docs’) and fills it with the required new paths.


  name = "drat",
  basepath = getOption("dratDirectory", "~/git"),
  location = getOption("dratBranch", "gh-pages")


name A character variable with the name the new repository, the default is “drat”.
basepath A character variable with path to the directory in which the new repository is to be created. The default value is “~/git” and can be overriden via option ‘dratDirectory’.
location A character variable with the GitHub Pages location: either “gh-pages” indicating a branch of that name, or “docs/” directory in the main branch. The default value can be overridden via the “dratBranch” option.


Currently only ‘src/contrib’ for source repositories is supported by this function. The insertPackage() function knows to deal with binaries for different architectures.

The function also installs a top-level index.html file to ensure external tests against the repository (as for example done by CRAN if you list the repository as an ‘Additional_repositories’ in a package) do not return a ‘404’ error.


The function is invoked for its side-effects and only returns NULL invisibly.


Dirk Eddelbuettel