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Intialize a git repo for drat


This helper function creates a new repository, creates and checks out the default GitHub Pages location (either the ‘gh-pages’ branch or directory ‘docs’) and fills it with the required new paths.


  name = "drat",
  basepath = getOption("dratDirectory", "~/git"),
  location = getOption("dratBranch", "gh-pages")


Argument Description
name A character variable with the name the new repository, the default is “drat”.
basepath A character variable with path to the directory in which the new repository is to be created. The default value is “~/git” and can be overriden via option ‘dratDirectory’.
location A character variable with the GitHub Pages location: either “gh-pages” indicating a branch of that name, or “docs/” directory in the main branch. The default value can be overridden via the “dratBranch” option.


Currently only ‘src/contrib’ for source repositories is supported by this function. The insertPackage() function knows to deal with binaries for different architectures.

This function is still undergoing development and polish and may change in subsequent versions.


The function is invoked for its side-effects and only returns NULL invisibly.


Dirk Eddelbuettel