News for Package drat

Version 0.2.4 (2023-10-09)

  • macOS Arm M1 repos are now also supported in pruning and archival (Joey Reid in #135 fixing #134)

  • A minor vignette typo was fixed (Dirk)

  • A small error with setwd() in insertPackage() was corrected (Dirk)

  • macOS x86_64 repos (on big-sur) are now supported too (Arne Johannes Holmin in #139 fixing #138)

  • A few small maintenance tweaks were applied to the CI setup, and to the main

Version 0.2.3 (2022-04-13)

  • Arm M1 repos are now supported (#126 and #131 fixing #125)

  • A vignette typo has been fixed (#130)

Version 0.2.2 (2021-12-01)

  • Travis artifacts and badges have been pruned

  • Vignettes now use simplermarkdown

Version 0.2.1 (2021-07-09)

  • Two internal functions now have a note in their documentation stating them as not exported (Dirk in response to #123)

  • Repositories created by initRepo now have an placeholder index.html to not trigger a curl check at CRAN (Dirk)

  • Adding to a repository now checks for a top-level index.html and displays a message if missing (Dirk)

  • The DratStepByStep.Rmd vignette mentions the added index.html file

Version 0.2.0 (2021-04-21)

  • A documentation website for the package was added at (Dirk)

  • The continuous integration was switched to using ‘r-ci’ (Dirk)

  • The docs/ directory of the main repository branch can now be used instead of gh-pages branch (Dirk in #112)

  • A new repository can now be used to fork an initial drat repository (Dirk)

  • A new vignette “Drat Step-by-Step” was added (Roman Hornung and Dirk in #117 fixing #115 and #113)

  • The test suite was refactored for docs/ use (Felix Ernst in #118)

  • The minimum R version is now ‘R (>= 3.6)’ (Dirk fixing #119)

  • The vignettes were switched to minidown (Dirk fixing #116)

  • A new test file was added to ensure ‘NEWS.Rd’ is always at the current release version.

Version 0.1.8 (2020-07-18)

  • The archive pruning test code was corrected for r-oldrel (Felix Ernst in #105 fixing #104).

Version 0.1.7 (2020-07-10)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • Functions insertPackages, archivePackages and prunePackages are now vectorised (Patrick Schratz and Felix Ernst in #93, #100).

    • The new functionality is supported by unit tests (Felix Ernst in #93, and #102 fixing #101).

    • Added new function updateRepo (Felix Ernst in #95, #97).

Version 0.1.6 (2020-05-29)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • Support for the various (current) macOS binary formats was rewritten (Felix Ernst in #89 fixing #88).

    • Travis CI use was updated to R 4.0.0 and bionic (Dirk).

    • A drat repo was added to the README (Thomas Fuller in #86)

Version 0.1.5 (2019-03-28)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • Windows paths are handled better when inserting packages (Neal Fultz in #70)

    • Binary packages are now supported for the pruneRepo and archivePackages commands (Christoph Stepper in #79).

  • Changes in drat documentation

    • Properly prefix R path in system call in a tests (Dirk in minor cleanup to #70).

Version 0.1.4 (2017-12-16)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • Binaries for macOS are now split by R version into two different directories (Neal Futz in #67 addring #64).

    • The target branch can now be set via a global option (Neal Futz in #68 addressing #61).

    • In commit mode, add file PACKAGES.rds unconditionally.

  • Changes in drat documentation

    • Updated '' removing another stale example URL

Version 0.1.3 (2017-09-16)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • Ensure 'PACKAGES.rds', if present, is also inserted in repo

    • Use https to fetch Travis CI script from r-travis

  • Changes in drat documentation

    • Updated '' removing stale example URLs (#63)

Version 0.1.2 (2016-10-28)

  • Changes in drat documentation

    • The FAQ vignette added a new question Why use drat

    • URLs were made canonical, was updated from .org

    • Several files (, Description, help pages) were edited

Version 0.1.1 (2016-08-07)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • Use dir.exists, leading to versioned Depends on R (>= 3.2.0)

    • Optionally pull remote before insert (Mark in PR #38)

    • Fix support for dots (Jan G. in PR #40)

    • Accept dots in package names (Antonio in PR #48)

    • Switch to htpps URLs at GitHub (Colin in PR #50)

    • Support additional fields in PACKAGE file (Jan G. in PR #54)

  • Changes in drat documentation

    • Further improvements and clarifications to vignettes

    • Travis script switched to from our fork

    • This NEWS file was (belatedly) added

Version 0.1.0 (2015-08-08)

  • Changes in drat functionality

    • New function to optionally archive packages when inserting

    • Improved OS X support

  • Changes in drat documentation

    • Added note about miniCRAN to FAQ vignette

    • DESCRIPTION now credits all contributors

    • Updated / expanded vignettes

Version 0.0.4 (2015-05-26)

  • Corrections to vignettes

  • Added Windows and OS X support (Jan Schulz in PR #16)

  • New vignette Drat FAQ started

  • More improvement to code and behaviour

Version 0.0.3 (2015-04-10)

  • Small extensions and corrections to existing functionality

  • New helper script

  • Improved documentation

  • New vignette by Steven Pav on Why Drat?

  • New vignette by Colin Gilespie on Drat and Travis

  • New vignettes for package authors, and users

Version 0.0.2 (2015-03-01)

  • Added (optional) git2r support

  • New pruneRepo() functionality

Version 0.0.1 (2015-02-04)

  • Initial version with insert(), add() and more