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Build a Package


Builds a package considering the repository information, dependencies and already built packages.


buildPackage(pkg, tgt, debug = FALSE, verbose = FALSE, force = FALSE,
  xvfb = FALSE, suffix = ".1")

buildAll(pkg, tgt, debug = FALSE, verbose = FALSE, force = FALSE,
  xvfb = FALSE)

topN(npkg, date = Sys.Date() - 1, from = 1L)

topNCompiled(npkg, date = Sys.Date() - 1, from = 1L)


buildUpdatedPackages(tgt, debug = FALSE, verbose = FALSE, force = FALSE,
  xvfb = FALSE)


pkg character Name of the CRAN or BioConductor package to build
tgt character Name (or version) of the build target distribution, this is restricted to either “20.04” or “22.04” (or their names “focal” or “jammy”)
debug logical Optional value to show more debugging output, default is ‘FALSE’
verbose logical Optional value show more verbose progress output, default is ‘FALSE’
force logical Optional value to force package build from source, default is ‘FALSE’
xvfb logical Optional value to build under xvfb-run, default is ‘FALSE’
suffix character Optional value to override default package version suffix of ‘.1’
npkg integer Number of packages to build
date Date Relevant date for cranlog download stats
from integer Optional applied as offset to npkg to shift the selection
ndeps integer Optional value for selected build-dependency count build via nDeps


The buildPackage function builds the given package. The buildAll package applies to all elements in the supplied vector of packages. The topN and topNCompiled helpers select ‘N’ among all (or all compiled) packages. The nDeps function builds packages with a given (adjusted) build-dependency count. The updatedPackages function finds a set of available packages that are not yet built.

Note that this build process is still somewhat tailored to the build setup use by the author and is not (yet ?) meant to be universally transferable. It should be with a little care and possible examination of the code. If interested, please get in touch.


Nothing as the function is invoked for the side effect of building binary packages


Dirk Eddelbuettel